💫 Burst into a wave of botanicals, antioxidants and phyto- @burstbotanicals is a small Canadian owned company who creates all their skincare products using 100% natural ingredients. This plant-powered skincare line is vegan, cruelty free and they use eco-friendly packaging made out of glass.
🌿 Anthocyanin Creme Scrub - This scrub has one of the most yummiest scents ever. It reminds me of a berry dessert, good enough to eat. The texture is very creamy, extremely gentle on the skin, perfect for the most sensitive skin types. There is a slight grit texture almost not noticeable but the AHA'S in this scrub does an amazing job of exfoliating the skin. After washing my face the oils from the creme stayed on my skin and immediately felt so soft and hydrated. This creme contains powerful ingredients such as coconut oil, kaolin clay, beet root powder, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, cranberry seed oil, elderberry extract, chamomile flower powder, AHA and CoQ10.
🌿 The Eclipse Butter Balm - This balm is refreshing and light. It has a fresh earthy scent to it which is pleasant. It immediately melts into an oil once it hits your face and absorbs immediately. Its a very hydrating balm so its perfect for those with very dry or mature skin types. I will be using this balm more in the dryer season or after my chemical peels. This balm contains the key ingredient Blue Tansy which is perfect for people who suffer from acne or eczema as it provides cooling and calming properties.





Thank you @burstbotanicals for gifting me this cleansing balm. I have been using the Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleansing Balm for a while now. This balm literally melts your makeup off. It helps to draw out impurities. It has Sea Buckthorn Oil which is rich in Vitamin E. The Sea Buckthorn Oil hydrates the skin. Burst Botanicals is 100% natural universal skin ritual. I love that this product has no harsh chemicals. This product definitely replaces makeup wipes. The products are 100% vegan also which I love.

Burst Botanicals